Monday, December 14, 2009

Reivew of "Boxings Greatest Fighters", by Bert Randolph Sugar

Bert Sugar's book, "Boxings Greatest Fighters", is a very thorough review and ranking of the past 150 years of boxers.  It is well-written, and it is full of Bert's very distinctive writing style (i.e. lots, and lots of metaphors and analogies).  The book is fun to read, and does not require any knowledge of boxing to enjoy.  It is hard to find a more accessible, interesting, and engaging book on the history of boxing.

However, I disagreed with many of Bert's rankings (Muhammad Ali at  #7 for example, and he also tended to favor boxers from previous generations rather than our current or recent ones), but of course the word "great" is a very subjective term. Bert wrote about, in great detail, many old fighters that have now been all but forgotten.  I don't know where, or how, he finds all of his material, but it is very impressive.

I learned alot from this book, and there is probably no better source of information on older boxers than Bert. It's 12 dollars from, and if you are any kind of boxing fan then there is no reason not to purchase it.
Buy it here now if you don't have it already

Read some of the book online with Google Books

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